We talk. And laugh. And talk. And laugh.

From 2011-2013, long-time BFF’s (and award-winning broadcast journalists), Jane Shannon and Robert Parish recorded a series of conversations about life, aging gracefully and the pursuit of happiness.

Their bi-coastal banter became a podcast series they affectionately called FILLING THE AIR WITH WORDS. For a number of unexpected and disappointing reasons, the original series had to be placed securely in a vault, until circumstances allowed the project to be released.

Very sadly, Jane passed away unexpectedly in August 2015. As a way of forever honoring her memory, huge intellect and amazing humor, Parish and Jane’s family made the decision to begin posting produced episodes of FILLING THE AIR. Episode 1 is posted below.

We all hope you enjoy hearing Jane’s wonderful voice again. RIP Jane.

We love you!

FILLING THE AIR WITH WORDS is available (for free!) on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, StitcherTwitter and Facebook.